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Medhin Decor


Medhin Decor plc started its business in 1989 (G.C.). It started as a small firm engaged in limited Activities and through time it it grew and became huge engaged both in service giving and sales different items.

Medhin Decor's Main activities include Decor in ceremonies and occasions such as, Wedding Ceremonies, Inaugurations,Birthday Ceremonies.


Snowhite Angel Palace


Inaugurated in October, 2010, We are proud to present Snow White Angel Palace. Snow White Angel Palace is our new hall built for multipurpose use. It can be used for Wedding Ceremonies, Meeting Purposes, Different Inaugurations. It is well structured and designed to make it dream place for wedding ceremonies. The Color White symbolizes Love,Peace,Happiness, Brightness as a whole, which purpose is to pass these messages to the Brides. It's garden is surrounded with beautiful flowers and plants which makes the environment refreshing and could be used for outdoor cocktail ceremonies, dinner parties.

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          Addis Ababa, Bole sub-city, Olompia, Behind Getu Commercial 

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